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Subject: linkin park
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ginoj 4/3/2007 - 7:03:08
thy rok muchly. x *

kaylah_1 24.01.08 - 11:01pm
u canrt spel lol *

metalman 9.03.08 - 03:35pm
They aren't heavy metal you jock poser. And get yourself an english teacher you plastic . Linkin park are a bunch of jock girls. linkin park

saringas 28.04.08 - 04:23pm
lamb of god is heavy metal the f..cking started the new wave of heavy metal!linken park s*cks big ba11s *

venomftw 5.05.08 - 01:18pm
Linkin park aren't heavy metal yes. But they aren't that bad, and alot of people like them. Personally i don't mind them in small amounts.. *

rigid 11.06.08 - 07:02pm
linkin Park are classic Nu-Metal. Less technical but soo popular. Must mean something? Rigid *

minnike 30.11.08 - 09:45pm
Hahahahahaha omg! Linkin park is a bunch of ly waists of breath! *

exalt 1.12.08 - 12:05am
First off, Linkin Park is no way even remotely close to metal. And second, to sum it all up THEY s*ck!! *

evildj 2.01.09 - 08:08pm
I agree with all the people. Linkin park s*ck big time *

karen62 18.07.09 - 05:20pm
linkin park r best band ever n metalmans a lol *

metalace 18.10.09 - 07:46am
think i was arguing this s**t in grade 10 and that was 9 years ago lol! Only came in here cos i'm like what the f... No. blood. Way! *

lordkid 19.05.10 - 02:59pm
Even though they aint metal they stil got a couple of cool songs new divide and numb.but they s*ck if they think they can become a metal band. *

warded 30.04.18 - 01:55pm
Runaway is an ok track *

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